ACS Career Fair

Just a quick note to remind you that next week, Aug 22-26 is the ACS fall meeting in Boston. The ACS Career Fair is Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. If you're planning on participating, here's a pdf list of the workshops being held. Some of the grad students in my department have attended a few of these before, and say that the preparing a resume and  mock interview sessions were the most helpful. I personally have never been to an ACS Career Fair, but I will be attending this one. So I'm going to try to cover a few of these too, and give you the run-down. Look for that next week. Also if you're going, be sure to participate in the C&E News blog t-shirt contest thing. You could win a $50 VISA gift card for wearing your nifty shirt in the exhibit hall next Monday and Tuesday. Plus after the meeting, you can wear it out hiking in the woods and not be shot by hunters! It's a win-win. I already posted my key word (coughcoughRIGHTHEREcough), so that leaves you with only five more to find. Happy word-searching!

Author: Leigh Krietsch Boerner

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