More things you need to know about vuvuzelas

A small aside, today. When Alex Tullo from The Chemical Notebook posted What You Need To Know About Vuvuzelas a while back, he unfortunately left a few things out. Oh, and got one thing wrong. Thankfully, I am here to rectify. 4) They are awesome a tad on the annoying side. 5) The plastic they are made out of, high-density polyethylene, gets nice and brittle when frozen in liquid nitrogen. 6) It is quite satisfying to smash them. . . 7) Sadly, reducing the ends to tiny bits does not decrease their functionality. . .Many thanks to Vinnie Cavaliere for starring as Mr. Obnoxious Vuvuzela-blowing Guy, a role he was born to play.

Author: Leigh Krietsch Boerner

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  1. German fans might want to dispose of a certain octopus that way.