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  1. [...] is my attempt at answering Rachel Pepling’s call for posts for her blog carnival over at CENtral Science. The theme is 'Your favourite chemical [...]

  2. [...] It’s the International Year of Chemistry, and in honor of that, the chief of the CENtral Science bloggers, Rachel Pepling, has called all blogging chemists to write about their favorite chemical reaction. [...]

  3. [...] that I would write something for the favourite chemical reactions #chemcarnival being organized by C&EN, I started thinking about the reactions I did during my career at the bench (undergrad, PhD, and [...]

  4. [...] my life—including my self-imposed prohibition of carnivals. The good people at C&EN are hosting a blog carnival this month in honor of the International Year of Chemistry, and I feel strangely compelled to [...]

  5. The Ozone Zone | Newscripts
    Sep 26 - 1:04 pm

    [...] chose my favorite chemical reaction based purely on aesthetics. Ozonolysis, wherein ozone—that tricky triumvirate of oxygen [...]

  6. [...] all-time favorite chemical reaction has to be the SN2. This may sound like a cop-out answer to Rachel Pepling’s question, since the SN2 is arguably the second* simplest organic reaction ever, almost more a mechanistic [...]

  7. [...] story that is the Diels-Alder reaction.  It is by far my favorite reaction and the subject of my Blog Carnival Post.  And I am grateful to BRSM for deciding not to blog about the Diels-Alder [...]

  8. [...] was once called the “Un-Cola,” I am going to call my favorite reaction for CENtral Science’s Chemistry Blog Carnival the “Un-reaction.” When I was a graduate student and then postdoc, I wasn’t a synthesizer of [...]

  9. [...] alkyne Huisgen cycloaddition easily qualifies as my favorite reaction and my submission to the Chemistry Carnival.  It combines simplicity with efficiency in a way that is unmatched by most other chemistries.  [...]

  10. [...] I read Rachel Pepling’s call for a carnival of favorite reactions, I almost did not respond. Which reaction to choose? So many [...]

  11. [...] job of broadcasting this at the time), my post last week (The Maillard Reaction was written for a blogging carnival set up by C&E News. My friend Rachel, the C&E News community online overlord, had the [...]

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