“Top Chemistry Moments of 2013” Google Hangout #topchem 1/9 3PM Eastern

UPDATE 1/10/14: View the archived webcast here: Everyone loves a good year-end roundup. Chemists are no exception. But condensing a year's worth of discoveries into a neat little "top 10" package is bound to stir up some discussion. What goes on the list? Who got left out? We hope you readers will help hash out these questions at C&EN's second Google Hangout, "Top Chemistry Moments of 2013". It's on Thursday, January 9, at 3PM Eastern US time. For those new to Google Hangouts, they are video chats broadcast live on the web. You can watch from Google Plus or YouTube. After the chat is finished it is archived on YouTube for anyone to view. Join the Hangout here. Carmen Drahl and Lauren Wolf will speak with Laura Howes and Ashutosh Jogalekar about the people and the research that made chemistry news in 2013, and talk about what to watch in 2014. Follow the conversation, and ask questions to the speakers on Twitter using the hashtag #topchem.
Laura HowesLaura Howes is Editor of Science in School, the European journal for science teachers that highlights cutting-edge research and teaching. She is a former science correspondent for Chemistry World magazine. Follow her on Twitter at @L_Howes.
Ashutosh JogalekarAsh Jogalekar does molecular modeling at Ensemble Therapeutics, a biotech startup in Cambridge, MA focused on using the specific base-pairing properties of DNA to synthesize novel macrocycle drugs. Ash has been blogging at "The Curious Wavefunction" for about eight years and at Scientific American Blogs since 2012. His main interests are in the history of chemistry, in understanding the relationship between chemical models and reality, and in studying chemistry as a tool-driven rather than an idea-driven revolution. Follow him on Twitter @curiouswavefn.
Lauren K. WolfLauren Wolf is an associate editor at Chemical & Engineering News. Follow her on Twitter @laurenkwolf.
Carmen DrahlCarmen Drahl is a senior editor at Chemical & Engineering News. Follow her on Twitter @carmendrahl.

Author: Carmen Drahl

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