This Week on CENtral Science: World Cell Race, #chemsafety galore, and more

Tweet of the week:   To the network: Cleantech Chemistry: Genomatica Partners up the Slope of Enlightenment and Big Companies Binging on Microbes Newscripts: In Print: Mushroom Wrapping And Sound Zapping and Amusing News Aliquots and Aaaaaand They’re Off: The 2013 World Cell Race Results. And congratulations to Lauren for landing a spot in Nature Chemistry's Top 10 Chemistry Blog Posts of 2013! The Safety Zone: Unforgettable reagent moments and Lab safety is critical in high school, too and The University of Minnesota shows off its safety culture The Watch Glass: Phosphonitrilic Chemistry and Strip Mines and Biochemical Studies of Aging and Crayons

Author: Rachel Pepling

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