This Week on CENtral Science: “Bright Orange” Chemical, Pyrolysis for Biofuels, and More

Tweet of the Week: It's a two-week post this time around. Thanks for bearing with me while I was away! To the Network: Cleantech Chemistry: Little Green Feedstocks and New Probe Aids Enzyme Mixology for Biofuels and Pyrolysis: the third way to biofuels Newscripts: Amusing News Aliquots and In Print: Racing Cells, Baby Dinos and Amusing News Aliquots The Safety Zone: Friday chemical safety round up and What’s that ‘bright orange’ chemical? The Watch Glass: Gilbert N. Lewis and Global Warming 1995 and Psychoactive Drugs and Plastics Recycling and Helping the Returning Veteran and Happy Birthday, Marie Curie! and The Plastic Car and Radioactive Waste Disposal Methods Under Study and Japanese Nuclear Power and The Phantom Patient and Cobalt: It's Elemental

Author: Carmen Drahl

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