This Week on CENtral Science: Alan Alda, the Alps, C&EN’s 90th, and more

Tweet of the week: What day of the week is it? Friday? My sleep pattern's been off since I flew back from ACS Indy. I might have gotten very little shuteye while there, but I had a blast masquerading as a geography supercriminal and celebrating C&EN's 90th with Alton Brown. (Incidentally, I owned quite a few My Little Pony's in my day. I would totally incinerate those new ponies I see in Wal-Mart. Is there no respect for the 80s originals?) Our writers on the network have been every bit as busy as I have- and some even busier. Have a look at the last two weeks' posts for yourself: C&EN Goes to the ACS Meeting Tumblr: Too many posts to count. But you should check them out. Fine Line: The China Conundrum Grand CENtral: Celebrating 90 Years of Chemistry News Coverage and Behind the Story: Cheryl Hogue on Chemists’ Environmental Awareness and Welcome Food Matters at Scientific American Blogs- Chemistry Represent! Newscripts: Amusing News Aliquots and Watch the Ig Nobel Prizes Here and Alan Alda At #ACSIndy: The Public’s Blind Date With Science and 90 Obscure Reasons to Celebrate and Amusing News Aliquots and In Print: Chemical Makeup Predicts Wealth, Mailing Poop Terra Sigillata: Personal Reflections On A 9/11 Hero (repost) The Safety Zone: When is an explosion really an explosion, take two and Hearing postponed for #DavidSnyder in UC Davis explosives case and Friday chemical safety round up and Chemical and laboratory safety at #ACSIndy The Watch Glass: Oil Spill Cleanup and R&D's Role in the War on Terror and Tempers Flare in China and Chemistry of the Indy 500 and ACS Indy, 1931 and Materials for Making Glass and Skiing without Snow and Postage Stamp Commemorates Percy Julian and Naming Elements and Examining a Bellows and Jet Chair

Author: Carmen Drahl

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