Behind the Story: History of the National Organic Symposium #NOS2013

We're fans of podcasts here at CENtral Science, whether by Chemjobber and SeeArrOh, or by the good folks at Nature and Science. Last week, Lauren Wolf and I had a conversation about how a shorter, video version of podcast banter might make a fun addition to the mix. Submitted for your approval: our discussion about my story covering the National Organic Chemistry Symposium and its history. We're curious what you think- and what else you'd like to watch.

Author: Carmen Drahl

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  1. I approve of this effort.

    I wonder if having one-on-one discussions “on the floor” at major conferences, working the crowd as it were, would play well in this format. I know if C&EN wanted to speak to me on camera at NOS, I’d gladly speak up!

  2. A talking dog would be cover story material, that’s for sure. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Nice effort! I agree with SAO that on-camera reactions to talks, with the right questions would be a great real-time way to get people talking/responding.

  4. I envision a setup not unlike the interviews immediately following the State of the Union address:

    “So, what did YOU think of Prof. Negishi’s talk?”
    “Well, it was great, I love what he’s doing with those organozincs.”

    “Who do you like for next season?”
    “You know, that Craig Hawker really knows his stuff…let’s get him on stage”

  5. I love the idea. Although, SAO, I’m going to argue that in my experience, you are more outgoing than a lot of the chemists I encounter. Whenever I’m at an ACS meeting talk, I try to get on-the-ground reactions to it for news story quotes in print, and people are shy about THAT. So you can imagine what would happen if I tried to stick a camera in someone’s face. BUT- that doesn’t mean I won’t try. Stay tuned… I think you’ll find some interesting experiments coming down the pike.

  6. I agree with the idea of more interviews in the future. Even though I’m a Myers-Briggs introvert, I’d be amenable to a “live” interview especially if I knew the interviewer. However, my meeting attendance has drastically decreased and any input I’d give would be as an attendee rather than a presenter and researcher. That also means that I’m eager to get input like your article and interviews in abstentia.


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