This Week on CENtral Science: Chemistry Blog Posts You Should Read

We had a search engine optimization workshop at C&EN on Tuesday, so I figured I'd be a little more direct with my title for the benefit of Google. Tweet of the Week:
If you're wondering what Hulk's talking about:
To the network: Newscripts: In Print: How To Be A Cool Scientist and Amusing News Aliquots and In Print: Don’t Delete! Read This If You Want To Get Rich! The Safety Zone: Friday chemical safety round up The Watch Glass: Highway Chemicals and Stainless Steel Cylinders and Gallium Arsenide for Displays and Metal Clusters for Catalysis and Forensics: A Science in Transition and Catching up with tuberculosis

Author: Carmen Drahl

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  1. I think this is my favorite CENtral Science blog post title, ever.