Announcing the #ChemSummer blog carnival!

First of all, a belated Happy Canada Day! And later this week, Happy Fourth of July! Oh, and Happy Bastille Day come July 14! And let’s not forget Ólavsøka (July 29). There seem to be a plethora of national days in July.

But there’s more fun to summer than fireworks-laden holidays. There are pools and cook-outs, sunscreens and bug repellants, ice cream and lemonade. And before the dog days of August hit us, let’s celebrate summer, chemistry-style. That’s right, folks. We’re hosting a #ChemSummer blog carnival.

From now until July 31, write a post about the chemistry of summer fun. Leave a link to that post in the comments here and/or post on twitter with the #ChemSummer hashtag. We’ll post link roundups at least once a week. If you’re blogless and need a vacation rental for posting, consider Grand CENtral your hostel.

Happy blogging!

Author: Rachel Pepling

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