Sarah Everts talks Artful Science at conservation meeting, Jyllian Kemsley moderated #chemsafety panel

We interrupt our regular overlord schedule for some self-promotion. This Saturday, Sarah Everts will speak at the American Institute for Conservation meeting in Indianapolis. You might've gleaned her location from her Twitter feed. Her talk will be during the Research and Technical Studies luncheon, and is entitled 'Artful Science: Quirky Trends and Fascinating Discoveries in Cultural Heritage Research, from a Journalist’s Perspective'. Sarah is the second CENtral Science blogger in as many weeks to be on the conference circuit. On May 19, Jyllian Kemsley moderated a panel at the Council for Chemical Research annual meeting. The panel billed itself as an update on the pilot safety collaborations Dow Chemical has undertaken with the University of Minnesota, Penn State University, and the University of California, Santa Barbara. Jyllian buried that nugget of self-promotion at the bottom of one of her always-thorough posts. And she covered the May 19th announcement of Dow's new safety website.

Author: Carmen Drahl

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