This Week on CENtral Science: #ACSNOLA picks, better beer foam, and more!

Tweet of the week: I'm baaaaack! Many thanks to Carmen for both overlording in my absence and agreeing to co-overlord in my return. Today we're mourning the loss of film critic Roger Ebert, but we're also celebrating the birthday of Terra Sig owner and ubermensch, David Kroll! To the network: Artful Science: Gold gilding, ancient amber and a mysterious hidden sculpture: A new cultural heritage journal launches! and A brief hiatus: Onwards to Uzbekistan Grand CENtral: C&EN Picks for ACS New Orleans #ACSNOLA Just Another Electron Pusher: Why some women may choose not to enter STEM careers and ACS Webinar: Chemists at U.S. Customs and Border Protection Newscripts: GZA Drops Verse (And Science) On The Schools and In Print: Chemistry Labs Sound Like Music and Four Tips for Getting the Best Beer Foam and Amusing News Aliquots The Haystack: Liveblogging First-Time Disclosures of Drug Structures from #ACSNOLA (bookmark this link for next week) The Safety Zone: Chemical and laboratory safety at #ACSNOLA The Watchglass: Macromolecules at will and 1980 employment outlook and a glass bulb demonstrates critical opalescence and the state of inorganic chemistry back in '79

Author: Rachel Pepling

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