This Week On CENtral Science: Richard’s Lionheart, Physics Proposal, And More

Tweet of the Week: and a runner-up: Thanks again to this week's guest blogger, Fredrik. And thanks to Derek Lowe for mentioning his post! To the network: Artful Science: Daisies, frankincense, mint, and mercury help preserve Richard the Lionheart’s heart Grand CENtral: Guest Post: “Screw anonymous—Maybe? Reclaim synthesis—Definitely!” by Fredrik von Kieseritzky Newscripts: Getting Down On One Knee … With A Physics Paper and Amusing News Aliquots The Safety Zone: Incorporating safety into good research conduct and A safety warning on Togni’s reagents The Watch Glass: Name That Chemist and It's Young K.C. Nicolaou! and Chemistry of Interstellar Space and Technical Information Crisis and Hydrothermal Vent Chemistry

Author: Carmen Drahl

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