This Week on CENtral Science: Papal Chemistry, Neuroscience of Magic, Pi Day, and more

Tweet of the Week: I've had a blast as CENtral Science overlord. Like other despots before me, I have a hard time letting go of power. So now that Rachel's back, we'll be switching off on these roundup posts each month. To the network: Fine Line: Waldorf Time Again Grand CENtral: Top 10 Shoutouts to Pope Francis and Chemistry – Storify Just Another Electron Pusher: A Troubling Shift in Tradition Newscripts: Alakazam! The Neuroscience of Magic and Amusing News Aliquots and There & Back Again: A Cyclotron’s Tale Terra Sigillata: How Would You Explain pH to First-Graders? and Are Popes and Chemistry Immiscible? The Safety Zone: UK thallium and arsenic poisoning case neither accident nor suicide attempt and Explosives case continued for former UC Davis chemist David Snyder and Friday chemical safety round up *not up as of 4:20PM Eastern, but this link will work when it posts. The Watch Glass: “Inert” Xenon Reacts with Fluorine and Nanotubes' Electronic Properties and Bohemian retorts and Calculate pi with frozen hot dogs and Albert Ghiorso: Element Builder

Author: Carmen Drahl

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