This Week on CENtral Science: Fireworks Disposal, Not-so- Alternative Careers, and More

Tweet of the Week: When I read this I thought-- Really?? Then I figured, well, why not? I haven't had a land line since college. But I'm still wondering how big a chunk of change a phone bill really is in the grand scheme of the UC budget. Rachel will be handling this roundup during April. Until May, chem-keteers. To the network: Newscripts: In Print: Europe’s Got A Stink Problem and Fashion Police: Science Shoes and Amusing News Aliquots Terra Sigillata: Saturday Morning Natural Products PharmChem Radio! and Dr. Gina Stewart on Career Flexibility and Entrepreneurship The Safety Zone: Letter on Donaldson Enterprises fatal fireworks incident and Defining chemical safety, health, hygiene, and security The Watchglass: Kevlar Inventor Stephanie Kwolek and Behind that Chess Pic and Protein Folding and Lise Meitner and Carbonyl Attack and Radioimmunoassays take '77 Nobel

Author: Carmen Drahl

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