This Week On CENtral Science: Fake Crystal Skulls, Too Many Bachelor’s Degree Chemists, and More

Hey CENtral Science readers- I'm in the throes of ScienceOnline2013. A confab of this many scientists and sci-communicators means I had tons of material for tweet-of-the-week selection. I pick a tweet with a purpose. This one, from the #scio13 melee, will be a useful talking point for my session tomorrow with Dr. Rubidium-chemophobia and chemistry in the modern world. (Replace 'denialism' with 'chemophobia'.) Shameless plug: On Saturday at 10:30 Eastern, follow the session live at a watch party, or on Twitter with #chemophobia #scio13. To the network: Artful Science: Fake Crystal Aztec Skulls Just Another Electron Pusher: A glut of chemists with bachelor's degrees as well? Newscripts: Amusing news Aliquots The Safety Zone: Friday chemical safety round-up

Author: Carmen Drahl

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