This Week on CENtral Science: Roman Remedies, #GradMentalHealth, #scio13, and more

We’re back, and then some. This week saw a vibrant discussion on chemical safety training, and a first-time cover story for one of our intrepid bloggers. And (shameless plug) I and my co-moderator for ScienceOnline2013 got the ball rolling on a session that’s going to rock your world. (Unless of course, you believe your sunscreen should be chemical-free.)

Without further ado:

Artful Science: Ancient Roman remedies: Popping pills for 2000 years

Cleantech Chemistry: Thin film solar maker Miasolé bought by China’s Hanergy

Grand CENtral: Gearing up for #scio13 Session 8A: Chemophobia & chemistry in the modern world

Just Another Electron Pusher: Chemistry graduate school and mental well-being
*This is Glen’s response to a dialogue between Chemjobber and Vinylogous (of Not the Lab.)

Newscripts: Amusing News Aliquots

Terra Sigillata: Lefkowitz IndyWeek Outtakes and The Nobel’s great, but take a look at this!

The Safety Zone: In the #SheriSangji case: Sufficient training and oversight? and Friday chemical safety round-up

Author: Carmen Drahl

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