David Kroll on HuffPostLive 1PM today on #RealForbesProfessors

A quick announcement, folks: Today at 1PM Eastern, Terra Sigillata's David Kroll will be on HuffPostLive to chat about the stresses of life in academe. Go here for the live event. A little background: Earlier this month, a survey from jobs website CareerCast concluded that "college professor" was the least stressful job in America. The survey- along with a writeup about it from Forbes's Susan Adams- drew the collective ire of America's stressed-out professoriate, as this Inside Higher Ed story explains. The backlash spawned its own Twitter hashtag- #RealForbesProfessors. And at Forbes, David wrote an explainer- "Top 10 Reasons Being a University Professor is a Stressful Job" - that has garnered north of 85,000 page views. The CareerCast survey's definition of stress had the most to do with physical demands, environmental conditions, and occupational hazards. But I venture that next time they do their survey, they'll broaden that definition.

Author: Carmen Drahl

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