This Week on CENtral Science: Bilge Pumps, Batteries Like Olives, #SheriSangji and more

C&EN just wrapped its last issue of the year yesterday- we're excited about it and hope you will be too. We've also got some goodies to stuff your stockings (or perhaps your shoes, if you celebrate Día de los Reyes like my grandmother did) here at CENtral Science: Cleantech Chemistry: Electric-vehicle Batteries are Like Olives… and Qteros: Back from the Dead? Just Another Electron Pusher: How long does it take to make a chemist? Newscripts: Fun With Science: Top 10 Videos Of The Year and Amusing News Aliquots The Safety Zone: Preliminary hearing for Patrick Harran in #SheriSangji case: Day five and a final court recap for #SheriSangji preliminary hearing. (This post is coming in after Grand CENtral press time, so I've linked to the Safety Zone homepage. And by press time, I of course mean 'getting started with my holiday plans' time.) I anticipate it'll be more quiet than usual around these parts next week. I'll leave you with "The Chemistry of Snowflakes"- a lovely animation from the talented folks at ACS Digital Services. They should send it to the BBC, which was caught displaying snowflakes with (gasp) eight sides.

Author: Carmen Drahl

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