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This Week on CENtral Science: Ancient cheese, Flame Challenge part deux, “pernicious anti-scientific trends”, and more

Hi folks- Carmen Drahl here. The Pepling clan has just welcomed a lovely little girl, so Rachel is now out on maternity leave. That makes me CENtral Science’s acting overlord.

Below is the rundown of this week’s entries.
And a note for next week: Patrick Harran is scheduled to return to court on Monday in the #SheriSangji/UCLA burn case, so watch the Safety Zone for updates.

Artful Science: Dirty Dishes: Fatty residues on pottery fragments point to 6000 B.C. cheese-making

Cleantech Chemistry: The Year in Cleantech IPOs: Horrible! and Science-y Advice for (potential) Entrepreneurs: Add this to your library

Newscripts: Flame Challenge 2: And The Question Is … and Amusing News Aliquots

Terra Sigillata: “These pernicious anti-scientific trends”

The Safety Zone: Improving graduate education in chemistry and Friday Chemical Safety Round-Up


  • Dec 17th 201206:12
    by David Kroll

    Congratulations to our fearless leader and sister in Gatorhood on bringing a new ChemGator into the world!

    Welcome to community managing, Carmen. I hope that you’re as benevolent and merciful as Rachel.

    Your humble servant,

  • Dec 17th 201209:12
    by Carmen Drahl

    Thanks, David. Onward!

  • Dec 18th 201212:12
    by Ziggy

    I, for one, welcome our new benevolent overlord. Looking forward to your reign of terror, Carmen.

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