This Week on CENtral Science: #foodchem carnival, VapoRub searchers, election results, navel gazing

Apologies for the lack of a round-up last week. To make up for it, this edition of "This Week..." is really "These Past Two Weeks on CENtral Science." Lots of good stuff keeps coming in for the #FoodChem Carnival happening right now. Here's what the CS bloggers have contributed:

Artful Science: Star Trek Replicators, Dystopian Futures, And The #foodchem Carnival

Cleantech Chemistry: Soon You’ll be Thankful for #foodchem Microbe

Grand CENtral: #Foodchem carnival: mid-point(ish) round-up and Should #foodchem lovers work as food chemists? Maybe not. (guest post)

Just Another Electron Pusher: Visions of a fictional #foodchem future

Newscripts: Easy As Pie Crust – #foodchem carnival

The Haystack: #FoodChem Carnival: A bit o’ science on your Thanksgiving tippling

And back to our normally scheduled programming:

Artful Science: A Fun Video About Photo Conservation And The History of Photo-making and The military borrows from cultural heritage science.

Cleantech Chemistry: Giant Gobs of Algae Coming From Solazyme and What the Election Means for Climate, Energy & Cleantech

Just Another Electron Pusher: Now it’s official—it’s not a pretty picture out there

Newscripts: Amusing News Aliquots (11/16), Navel Gazing: You Might Be Surprised By What’s Living In There, The Facebook of Chemical Elements, Amusing News Aliquots (11/8), and Announcing Flame Challenge 2

Terra Sigillata: Okay, Who’s Huffing Vicks VapoRub?, Thoughts on the “Doctoral Glut Dilemma” Webinar, Today: Solutions to the “Doctoral Glut Dilemma”, and Helping Schools Hit By Sandy

The Safety Zone: Friday chemical safety round up (11/9)

Author: Rachel Pepling

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