The #Foodchem Carnival recap

Many thanks to all who contributed delicious posts to the #foodchem carnival. Enjoy the bountiful, diverse feast the chemblogosphere has to offer.   Sweet Stuff (because there is nothing wrong with starting with dessert) Newscripts: Easy As Pie Crust – #foodchem carnival: Beth Halford shares her family’s oil-based crust recipe. The Finch & Pea: Pumpkin Pie: More pie! The science behind a good pie crust. (I’m eager to see a crust-off between Ben and Beth.) Chemistry World: Food chemistry carnival – the sweet, gooey world of caramel: Phillip Broadwith’s indignation of the Great British Bake Off’s bad sugar science. Update, 11/26: Elemental: The Chemical Cook: Deborah Blum may have been late to the carnival, but she brought some sweet words and the Derby pie. Thanks, Deb!   Seasonings & Condiments Just Like Cooking: Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and...Moringa?: Injecting a little Simon & Garfunkel into this carnival, See Arr Oh distills the healing powers of parsley, saaaaage, rosemary, and thyyyyyyyme, plus newcomer herb, moringa. The Stoichiometric Equivalent: #Foodchem Carnival: I am most thankful for table salt this Thanksgiving: The science of salt preservation and flavoring. It's the Rheo Thing: Is Ketchup Really Thixotropic? And Does it Matter?: The rheology of ketchup. Why is it slow to flow in the bottle until it suddenly ends up all over your burger and fries?   Smorgasbord Sciencegeist: #FoodChem Thanksgiving Blogging Carnival: Keeping the faith in the glory of starch, which is, to many of us, the holiest of Thanksgiving chemicals. Organic Chemistry Tips and Techniques: The Mighty Egg-WhiteNeed to filter fine particles from solvated compounds? Try an egg white. Bonus: Find out how to determine an egg's age. Lost in Scientia: The intersection of food and fuel chemistry – #foodchem carnival: Find out how much biodiesel can be produced from a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Mmm, doughnuts… Sciencegeist: Tryptophan and Sleepiness: Bonus quickie contribution from Sciencegeist. Couldn't have a Thanksgiving-timed foodchem carnival without mentioning tryptophan, could we?   Spirits The Haystack: #FoodChem Carnival: A bit o’ science on your Thanksgiving tippling: If you're gonna be late to the carnival, at least bring the booze. Lisa Jarvis brings the science of champagne.   Sentimental The Second Criterion: Growing up with Kitchen Chemistry (and my abiding love for Harold McGee): A lovely homage to "On Food And Cooking" Grand CENtral: Should #foodchem lovers work as food chemists? Maybe not: Guest poster Coulombic Explosion talks about growing up with and making career choices based on a love of food and chemistry. Chemjobber: #foodchem: Secret ingredients, secret recipes: CJ discovers that perhaps the secret ingredient to carefully-guarded recipes is simply the comfort they provide.   Food of the Future Cleantech Chemistry: Soon You’ll be Thankful for #foodchem Microbes: Microbiologists and chemists are ready to come to the rescue of cooks (and food makers) who love spices but don’t want to break the bank. Just Another Electron Pusher: Visions of a fictional #foodchem future: Glen give us lots of video goodness from movies that imagined food of the future. Artful Science: Star Trek Replicators, Dystopian Futures, And The #foodchem Carnival: Sarah gets a second chance at comparing note-by-note cuisine with Star Trek food replicators and shares some extra tidbits from her story in C&EN.   Honorary participants Slate's BrowBeat blog: Food Explainer: Why Does Steam Make Bread Light and Crusty?: Odds are good Slate didn't intend to participate in our humble carnival. But the post topic fit so perfectly, how could we not include it? NPR's All Things Considered: Enjoy Thanksgiving Sprouts Without The Stink: Chemist Shirley Corriher offers tips on how to conquer the hydrogen sulfide gas of Brussels sprouts.

Author: Rachel Pepling

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