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The #foodchem carnival, starting Sunday!

My favorite time of the year is just around the corner. In about two weeks, those of us in the US will be celebrating Thanksgiving, a holiday centered around food, family, thankfulness, food, and football. (Did we mention food?) We all know chemistry is everywhere, including the food we eat. So it seems like the perfect opportunity for CENtral Science to host a food-centric blog carnival from November 11-18.

Here are sample questions as, um, food for thought. Feel free to riff off of one or more of these, or give this carnival your own flavor by posting about another food topic:

What food chemistry are you most thankful for, and why?

What’s the most outrageous food chemistry fact or theory you’ve heard? (This can either be something true, or something false you can debunk for your readers!)

What’s your secret sauce? Do you notice you approach cooking differently than, say, your non-chemist partner and friends? When elbow-to-elbow in the kitchen on Thanksgiving day, what special skills from your time in the chemistry trenches will you be employing, and what will you be biting your tongue about?

What recipe do you use that is most related to your field of research? (We have it on good authority that bioinorganic chemist Sciencegeist’s is whipping eggs in a copper bowl).

Any futurists out there? One hundred years ago the food industry barely existed. Now we can store cheese doodles in even the most remote parts of the world and eat them years (heck, decades) after they were produced. What is food going to be like in 100 years, and how might chemistry be part of that?

We’re giving you a couple of days’ notice so that you can ruminate on your perfect post. Put up your posts by November 18, and we’ll get a summary together in time for Turkey Day. If you don’t have your own blog and would like to participate, Grand CENtral is happy to host guest posters. Once you’ve posted, give a heads-up about your entry to r_peplingATacsDOTorg and on Twitter with the hashtag #foodchem.

Update, 11/15: I’ve just posted a mid-point round-up of carnival contributions submitted already.

Update, 11/20: Thanks to all who participated. The full recap is now available. Happy Thanksgiving!


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