#Foodchem carnival: mid-point(ish) round-up

We're a little more than halfway through the Food Chemistry Carnival, which ends this Sunday, 11/18. There's been a smorgasbord of offerings already, I thought it would be a good time to do a quick round-up of posts so far: Cleantech Chemistry: Soon You’ll be Thankful for #foodchem Microbes: Microbiologists and chemists are ready to come to the rescue of cooks (and food makers) who love spices but don’t want to break the bank. Newscripts: Easy As Pie Crust – #foodchem carnival: Beth Halford shares her family's oil-based crust recipe. Just Another Electron Pusher: Visions of a fictional #foodchem future: Glen give us lots of video goodness from movies that imagined food of the future. Chemistry World: Food chemistry carnival – the sweet, gooey world of caramel: Philip Ball's Phillip Broadwith's indignation of the Great British Bake Off's bad sugar science. The Finch & Pea: Pumpkin Pie: More pie! The science behind a good pie crust. (I'm eager to see a crust-off between Ben and Beth.) Chemjobber: #foodchem: Secret ingredients, secret recipes: CJ discovers that perhaps the secret ingredient to carefully-guarded recipes is simply the comfort they provide. The Stoichiometric Equivalent: #Foodchem Carnival: I am most thankful for table salt this Thanksgiving: The science of salt preservation and flavoring. Lost in Scientia: The intersection of food and fuel chemistry – #foodchem carnival: Find out how much biodiesel can be produced from a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Mmm, doughnuts... There's still time to contribute, chemistry & food lovers (yeah, I'm looking at you, Sciencegeist and Deborah Blum)!

Author: Rachel Pepling

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  1. Definitely too many Phillips at Chemistry World. While I am flattered to have been confused with Phil Ball, that one was definitely me…

  2. Ack! Apologies for the mix-up, Phillip! I’ve updated the post.

  3. Cheers, Rachel – as I said, it’s a pretty easy mistake to make! Maybe I should adopt a nom-de-plume to avoid future mix-ups