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This Week on CENtral Science: saving cleantech, space Buddha, Djerassi’s new play, and #ACShatesblogs

It’s been quite the week on the science/chemblogosphere, from Nazi-stolen space Buddhas to a bit of discussion about journal pricing and the role of blogs. Here’s what happened on CENtral Science:

Artful Science: Annals of Quirkiness: Space Buddha Taken By Nazis

Cleantech Chemistry: SoloPower, Gevo: Can a capital-light strategy save cleantech? and A Bad Week for Electric Vehicles

Newscripts: Playing With Science: Djerassi’s Latest ‘Chemistry-Centric’ Play Debuts In London
and Amusing News Aliquots

Terra Sigillata: Behind the Wood Shed with the ACS



  • Sep 29th 201216:09
    by Mr. Gunn

    None of those links work, because your CMS has overwritten the actual domain with http://cenblog,com/grand-central/

    For example:

    David Kroll’s post is at:

    and not:

    So not to be too snarky, but it would seem that even the part of ACS that doesn’t hate blogs isn’t all that good at it.

  • Oct 1st 201208:10
    by Rachel Pepling

    Oh, dear! Apologies for the slight technical snafu. The links have been corrected. But let’s be fair – I think this hardly qualifies as evidence of not being all that good at blogs.

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