New to CENtral Science: Grand CENtral

Keen observers of CENtral Science may have noticed some subtle changes in the navigation. First, the new arrival: Grand CENtral, where you are now. This is the hub for the CENtral Science network. Come here to find out about comings (such as this one) and goings (I'll get to that soon); weekly roundups of the great posts on CENtral Science; announcements of blog carnivals; occasional guest posts; and science communication events that I think you'll find of interest, such as a chemphobia session at ScienceOnline2013 that our very own Carmen Drahl will be co-moderating. In departure news, we bid adieu to electron pusher Christine Herman, who started a journalism graduate program this fall. And following in the footsteps of C&EN's editor-in-chief, The Editor's Blog has also entered retirement. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a "howdy" in the comments, and come on back Friday for the first roundup.

Author: Rachel Pepling

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  1. These dang kids – that Herman lass, for example – t’s like they come ’round to gain some experience writing, and then they’re off to some other organization or university getting all sorts of new-fangled degrees. If you ask me, that’s the problem with kids today. Not enough dedication. In my day, we’d work for the same place for 52 years straight, 6 am until 8 pm, back-breaking use of style guides and thesauruses – and not just those on their e-gadgets but on the stone tablets, as God intended. And synthesizing compounds from the elements. We didn’t have China and India to rely on for our complex intermediates. But you couldn’t tell that to kids today.

  2. And do you yell at kids to get off your lawn, David?