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  1. Chad
    Dec 04 - 7:41 pm

    The lack of an IPO can mean one of two completely contradictory things.

    1: The company couldn’t withstand the scrutiny and its numbers don’t add up


    2: The company really does have something, and the insiders don’t want to cash out yet because of high expected future returns. Remember, the modern purpose of an IPO is no longer to obtain money from markets, but to give early investors a way to turn their winnings into cash, at the expense of little-folk suckers who think they can catch the wave that has already come ashore.

    If Wall Street is selling you something, you should always remind yourself that there is a reason THEY ain’t buying.

  2. Melody Bomgardner
    Dec 05 - 3:32 pm

    Well, to your point 1, Many cleantech firms – and even chemical firms – have withdrawn planned IPOs lately. Some analysts blame it all on Facebook. Pre-revenue tech firms are not getting good value from the public markets lately. That doesn’t mean they’re all hype though (but it doesn’t mean they aren’t, either)

    Though to your point 2, I did think that investors would really be missing an opportunity if Fulcrum can make ethanol for 50 cents!

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