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  1. Hap
    Sep 26 - 11:10 am

    Since electric cars in one form or another are likely to be expensive, people are probably looking for one-to-one replacements for their current cars. If it doesn’t have range, then the purchaser’s family is effectively an n-1 car family for certain things (which is problematic if n = 2, or 1), and it’s an expensive replacement which also costs extra in terms of either the use of a rental or other car or in rearrangement of life. When people don’t have as much money, these exchanges become more difficult to contemplate. The people with enough money to afford a car for local use and another car for distance use are probably looking for different or more features in a car.

    People are unlikely to relinquish capabilities unless they have no choice. Cars as currently constituted give them lots of capabilities, and unless their replacements have similar ones or unless a lot of people change their minds about what they want, they won’t be bought.

  2. Melody Bomgardner
    Sep 26 - 11:27 am

    Hi Hap. I think your customer insights are spot-on. City life is great for the car-free. An electric car might take you across town but not as easily to the next-over city. Having two cars is a pain and very expensive. Most consumers probably think of a hybrid as a replacement for a regular car, but don’t feel the same way about all-electric.

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