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  1. Neil Gussman
    Mar 02 - 4:50 pm

    It’s great to be here in Orlando and getting away from the freezing, snowy northeast. Two days of sun, two days of clouds and rain, but high temps from the mid 50s to the low 70s are great, wet or dry. Any Convention Center holds meetings for whoever can afford the facility and the folks before and after us show how different that can be. To say Pittcon is a geeky affair hardly begins to describe this instrument centered gathering. As we moved in on Sunday, a group of middle-school-age junior high girls had a cheerleading/dance competition. It was fun to see Pittcon attendees sharing a hallway with the competitors and their mothers. Although one member of the CHF staff was almost run over by a cheerleader mom in a Cadillac Escalade swerving into a parking space at Walgreens. On this third day of Pittcon, a Wal-Mart meeting of some kind is beginning in the North Hall. So instead of sharing hallways with cheerleaders we will be walking with Wal-Mart employees with very large CONFEREE badges.
    America is a land of endless variety.

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