Pre-trip Thoughts by Pedro J. Alvarez

This is my first blog ever. I am excited about heading to Copenhagen in two days, on Thursday. I will be wearing three hats: 1) Associate Editor for ES&T and virgin blogger; 2) Professor (taking with me 6 Rice University undergraduate and a graduate student who is pregnant, hope she feels well); and 3) Delegate, representing Nicaragua, the country where I was born. I feel lucky that I will have an opportunity to witness a potentially historical event, and maybe contribute my grain of sand. I feel most lucky that my oldest daughter will accompany me, as an NGO observer and student of a class I am teaching on International Perspectives in Climate Change: The Copenhagen Experience. Nicaragua's position at COP15 will be that "the reduction of carbon and other contaminants is a direct responsibility of rich industrialized countries in the North and their model of production and consumption. Nicaragua rejects the notion that poor Countries in the South should trade their natural resources in order to maintain the current unsustainable model of production and consumption." I agree that we all have shared as well as differential responsibilities. The devil is in the details. My expectations are high. Time is short. More later.

Author: Pedro Alvarez

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  1. A CEVE-RICE graduate is your blog follower. I am pessimistic about what sort of deal we can get from Copenhagen. However, one thing is for sure: human beings can finally find a way to win the war against the global change or global crisis as proved by the history of human civilization.