Team Chemistry

When searching for chemistry news through Google, I often come across sports stories talking about team chemistry either as a whole or between particular players. So I was surprised yesterday to find a case where a sports writing cliche actually wasn't cliche at all. The folks over at Bust a Bucket, a Portland Trail Blazers fan site, have created the Periodic Table of Blazers and even came up with compounds based on said table. For example, instead of water being H2O, we get Dx2Po, the combination of former basketball greats Clyde Drexler and Terry Porter. Your are welcome to submit compounds of your own, and if you happen to be a Blazers fan or know one, they even have t-shirts available. portlandperiodictable

Author: Rachel Pepling

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  1. scientific evidence that brandon roy isn’t a very good teammate?

    on the other hand, however, i’m betting a b-roy condensate would be pretty cool.

  2. Either that or he can sustain himself without help from other “elements”.

    Ha ha! They put Raef LaFrentz on there.