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Meet Wauwatosa’s Favorite Son

I had to share what I think is both the most awesome and most touching video about a Nobel winner I’ve seen yet. Newly-minted chemistry laureate Tom Steitz hails from southeastern Wisconsin. His hometown ABC affiliate, WISN 12 Milwaukee, has the local angle. Touching because of the family photos and the proud family members, awesome because of the muttonchopsfacial hair.


  • Oct 8th 200916:10
    by Rudy Baum

    Carmen: Those aren’t muttonchops! That’s a beard, Abe Lincoln style. Muttonchops don’t meet on the chin; they’re just wild sideburns.

  • Oct 8th 200916:10
    by Carmen Drahl

    Touché, Rudy. It might not be Chester A. Arthur-style, but whatever it is is still awesome.

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