New PCR Song On The Block

Next month, New York City hosts the second annual Imagine Science Film Festival, a collection of shorts and features meant to spark conversations between researchers, filmmakers, and audiences. I learned about Imagine Science from Zach Charlop-Powers, aka the science rapper, a fourth year grad student studying chromatin biochemistry at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. He's the MC behind the PCR Rap, one of the short films on the program. He's been at it since college, and has written numbers about bioenergetics, cancer, and more. A track about structural biology is in the works, he says. In true rapper fashion, Zach's got the swagger to go with his rhymes- he's confident he can take on all comers. Since his is the second music video about PCR that I've seen in as many years, I thought it was only fair to put the two head-to-head. How do you like your PCR?(survey)

Author: Carmen Drahl

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  1. I couldn’t really figure out what, exactly, Bio-Rad was going for in terms of musical audience, and Zach’s was so much more fun! It had humour, but it wasn’t (too) corny–it’s a fine line to draw when singing about something such as PCR. I think he drew it well. Bio-Rad, on the other hand, clearly gave up the fight not to be corny well before considering filming this video.


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