Perspectives In JACS

ACS has two flagship publications, C&EN and the Journal of the American Chemical Society, more familiarly known as JACS. Being a journal, JACS is appropriately a bit more conservative about introducing new features than C&EN. So it’s sort of big news when JACS inaugurates a brand new feature as it did this week: JACS Perspectives. “Twenty-first century chemistry represents the forefront of the molecular sciences,” writes JACS Editor Peter J. Stang in his editorial introducing the Perspectives series. The unprecedented advances in chemistry “have opened up new frontiers not only in chemistry but also at the interface of chemistry and essentially every other scientific and engineering discipline,” he continues. Since its start more than 130 years ago, JACS’s role has been “to capture these cutting-edge, fundamental advances and to widely disseminate them to the chemical and scientific communities. However, as scientific and chemical research becomes more complex and interdisciplinary, it becomes ever more challenging to communicate and explain new results and advances, especially to non-experts and students.” The JACS Perspectives are designed to facilitate that communication. The first Perspective is on “Synthesis at the Interface of Chemistry and Biology” by Xu Wu and Peter G. Schultz of the Scripps Research Institute and the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation.

Author: Rudy Baum

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