NanoGirls Stop By For the Summer

There are only a few days left to enter ACS Nanotation's second video contest- "How Will Nano Change The World?" - and so far, a video from grad students at UNC Charlotte looks to be the only entry. So dust off your recording equipment and submit your entry by August 9- $500 is up for grabs. If you listened to pop music circa 1999, you will recognize the melodic strains of boy band/pop group/rap group LFO's "Summer Girls" in the new video. Called "NanoGirls", it's about how nano might be the key to making solar cells more efficient. The first thing I thought of when I watched it was Eppendorf's automated pipette commercial, "It's Called epMotion". That video premiered on YouTube a little over a year ago. I think the gentlemen at UNC Charlotte give the epMotion boys a run for their money. I'm curious whether preferences might emerge along disciplinary lines, with bio-focused folks rooting for epMotion and materials folks going with NanoGirls. Watch 'em both for yourself, then vote for your favorite in the poll. Which science-y song makes you swoon?(online surveys)

Author: Carmen Drahl

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