Chemistry in French and German

Laura B. Sole, a senior chemistry major at the University of Virginia, spent 10 weeks in Lyon, France, this past summer conducting research at Claude Bernard University as part of ACS’s International Research Experiences for Undergraduates (IREU) program, which is in its third year. Twenty two students participated in the program this year, and they were hosted by research universities and institutions in France, Germany, Italy, and the U.K. In exchange, 15 students from Germany conducted research at U.S. universities. Sole, who is double majoring in French, conducted her research entirely in French. She presented her results during the undergraduate poster session on Monday afternoon, and C&EN asked her to give her poster presentation in French (just because it’s cool to hear chemistry in French!): As an added perk, hear Joachim Moch, an exchange student from Goethe University in Frankfurt, give his poster presentation on "Single molecule proton transfer studies with helical properties" in German:

Author: Linda Wang

Associate Editor, Chemical & Engineering News

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