Steven Chu Turns On The Charm

Energy Secretary Steven Chu is trying a multipronged media approach to keep the discussion on climate-change legislation going. He's joined Facebook, and last Tuesday evening, he sat down for an interview with comedian/anchor Jon Stewart at The Daily Show. While Chu didn't say anything new in the interview, the exchange was a pleasure to watch, with Chu transmitting his passion for action on climate legislation without sounding stiff or rehearsed. "You're, I think, the first cabinet member I've met from the Obama administration that seems alive," Stewart told him.
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As the Wall Street Journal's Digits blog says, it's not clear to me how much reaching out via Facebook and TV will change the minds of legislators whose minds, for one reason or another, are already made up. But it's great to see a scientist in the public eye convey enthusiasm with a sense of humor. The interview seems to be generally well-received in the blogosphere. It might not be as sexy as Intel's commercials, but it's a start to overcoming stereotypes. Maybe we'll see Chu on Twitter soon. Read more takes on the interview: Desmog Blog The Green Miles Red Green and Blue Cool Green Science

Author: Carmen Drahl

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