You Had To Be There: Bonus NOS Photos

Carmen Drahl/C&EN Found chemistry: Poster displaying elemental emission spectra, spotted at the Fiske Planetarium on campus at CU Boulder, where the National Organic Symposium took place. Courtesy of David Ebner

The Coors factory tour I mentioned in a post last week turned out to be self-guided. I was bummed that I wouldn't get to hear chemists give the tour guide a hard time. But then one of the fermenting tanks boiling kettles overheated and overflowed while we were on the tour, so that was exciting. I had left the room by that time, but David Ebner sent me this photo from his iPhone. You can see the tank kettle in the back spilling a few kegs' worth of beer in David's photo (thanks again David!). By all accounts, it was a non-event as far as the Coors employees were concerned. When the overflow happened, a guy wearing a hard hat just walked to the scene and hosed the tank kettle down.

UPDATE 6/19: Corrected description of Coors Factory pic. It is of a boiling kettle, not a fermenting tank. You can read a good description of how beer is made (with photos) here.

Author: Carmen Drahl

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  1. That’s actually a boiling kettle. not a fermentation tank. they are currently boiling the beer, not actually fermenting it.

  2. Thanks, Aaron. Post has been updated. This exemplifies why I was disappointed by the tour- clearly, lots of folks know more about brewing beer than the audio guide tells you…