Photogenic Salt Lake City

Saturday afternoon was the one significant block of free time I had during the week I am spending in Salt Lake City. It was a glorious spring day, sunny and breezy with the temperatures in the upper 60s, so I took a walk with my camera. Realistic bronze sculptures of people, often children, are scattered throughout the city. This one of a boy and a girl at the base of a flagpole sits in front of the city’s impressive city hall, the tower of which appears in the background. The inscription reads: “Erected as a tribute to our nation’s constitution and flag by the school children of Salt Lake City AD 1936-37." slc_childrenstatue.jpg “Eagle Gate” spans State St. as it begins its climb up to the State Capitol Building. In the background is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Office Building, one of the largest office buildings in Salt Lake City. The arches of the gate are irresistible frames for the backdrop of the city. slc_eagle2.jpg The Capitol Building houses the state senate and house of representatives as well as the state supreme court. It sits on a hilltop overlooking the city about a mile and a half north of downtown. slc_capitol.jpg Temple Square is the heart of Salt Lake City. Two of the impressive buildings surrounding the beautifully landscaped square are the Mormon Temple (left) and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Office Building (right). slc_temple.jpg slc_ldsoffice.jpg There are many bronze sculptures in the square, including this delightful tableau: slc_tableau.jpg What a difference two days makes! Two photos of City Hall taken from my hotel room, one on Saturday and one on Monday, during a significant snow storm. slc_sunnycapitol.jpg slc_snowycapitol.jpg

Author: Rudy Baum

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