What The Heck Is Nano Anyway?

The Dance Your Ph.D. contest may have ended, but there’s still plenty of ways to show the more creative side of science. The latest is a video contest offered by the ACS Publications community website for nanoscience and nanotechnology, ACS Nanotation. ACS Nanotation logo The theme for the video contest is “What is Nano?” and the idea is simple: In three minutes or less, describe what the concept of “nano” means--where you think the field is headed, where it’s been, how you explain “nano” to your friends, to your students, to your colleagues, or come up with something else entirely under this theme. Videos will be judged by the online community, with the winner receiving the most votes at the highest rating. But wait, there’s more! If you can convey your ideas on “What is nano?” in a creative and entertaining original video, you might just win $500 in cash. The contest runs until March 15, and the winners will be featured at the upcoming spring ACS national meeting. For more details, visit the contest page at www.acsnanotation.org/whatisnano, where you can also vote for your favorite video.

Author: Ivan Amato

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  1. Nanotechnology is ‘the next small thing’.


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