Party Like It's 2011

We've been talking quite a bit around here about chemistry's less-than-desirable reputation within advertising campaigns. But it looks like chemistry will finally get some positive limelight. We learned last week that the UN declared 2011 as the International Year of Chemistry. So with two years to plan, how do you envision welcoming in 2011? I'm thinking that instead of the usual crystal-studded ball, we should drop a ginormous buckyball over Times Square.

Author: Rachel Pepling

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  1. I think we should hang a ginormous net with every kind of sports ball inside–baseball, soccer ball, football, tennis ball, field hockey, ping pong, . . . Then at 10 minutes after midnight when everyone starts to wonder what we are going to do with that net full of sports equipment what’s that got to do with the Year of Chemistry, we have the most recent winner of the Ig-Nobel in chemistry say, “WITHOUT CHEMISTRY YOU GOT NO . . . “

  2. That big ball dropping on Times Square is already a buckyball! There’s one on display at the Times Sq Visitor Center.

  3. @Dave: I was envisioning more of a ball-and-stick structure rather than a solid geodesic dome to make it clear to the general public.

  4. I suggest combining Rachel’s buckyball idea with those weird Carnival Cruiseline commercials. If we had the world’s largest buckyball that breaks open and spills out, oh, I don’t know, candy and ethanol, then we’d have a real devotion to chemistry amongst the public.

  5. Wow – 2012!

    I might even be hired again. I hope I can still get a job called “chemist” in 2012.


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