Chemistry Newsbytes

brothel-journal-cover.jpgAttention journal editors: When picking a Chinese classical text for the cover of your China special issue, be sure the image isn't a flyer for a Macau brothel advertising "Hot Housewives in Action!" The Independent No cash to decorate your Christmas tree? If you've got a gas grill, a vacuum, some sand, and a little laundry detergent, you can make your own glass ornaments. Popular Science Enterprising British chemist rakes in $15 million dollars making moonshine...but also will spend more than nine years in jail. Telegraph Ladies Leaving the Lab: RSC study finds that 72% of first year female chemistry Ph.D. students want a career in academia, but by the time they've reached their third year, 37% are off the academic track. Guardian Forget shaken versus stirred. Try your next martini with sublimation. NPR Will nanophobia kill the new wave of sunscreens? NY Times