Chemistry Newsbytes

fema-trailer.jpgFormaldehydegate: CDC allegedly demotes scientist who blew the whistle on chemicals in FEMA trailers. LA Times New Jersey chemist takes home chemicals from work to clean out his septic system. His car explodes, attracting the attention of local authorities and the FBI. Times of Trenton Trying to get rigorous with our definition of our "carbon footprint." Wall Street Journal MIT professor breaks down how to clean up your ride. CNet Is Harvard counting their Nobels before they've hatched? The Crimson The billionth jar of Vegemite was made this week. Australian chemist Cyril P. Callister earned his Ph.D. by inventing the stuff. Sydney Morning Herald The origins of chirality. Washington Post With a little lab space and analytical equipment, Illinois chemist tests orange juice, Coca-Cola, and his own urine. Rockford Register Star