Chemistry Newsbytes

protocell.jpgBiologists and chemists are getting closer to creating a living protocell. (Only biologists, however, get the headline and the category tag.) Wired Science Happy 200th birthday Aluminum! Or is in Aluminium? Red Orbit Mercedes' diesel-powered SUV cleans up emissions with urea. This is probably the first time an automotive column has used the phrase, "Organic chemistry was never so cool." LA Times Spanish scientists think packaging infused with cinnamon oil might keep bread from getting moldy. Christian Science Monitor Some interesting news from across the pond: More than 90% of chemistry students report that they are happy with their degrees. Guardian And yet, the Royal Society's education director wants creationism and intelligent design taught in science classes. Guardian


  1. It is concerning when the people from scientific organisations think creationism has any place in science… show me the evidence for your creationism and you can teach it in science class… otherwise it can stay in church…


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