Chemistry Newsbytes

old-wine.jpgWondering how old that dusty bottle o' wine is? Why just send it off to the particle accelerator for testing! Yahoo News Happy 205th Birthday, atomic symbols. Wired Germans fire up the oxyfuel burner for the world's first complete demonstration of carbon capture and sequestration technology. Guardian Hot metal, a sieve, a hydraulic lift, and a fish tank: everything you need to make your own ammo. Popular Science DNA suggests woolly mammoths in Europe and Asia were American ex-pats. ScienceNOW Monkey study brings more bad news about bisphenol A. Washington Post If you're gonna be in New York City this Sunday, stop by the Cornelia Street Cafe and hear the father of the Pill talk about parenthood and his new play, "Taboos." Cornelia Street Cafe


  1. Holy time-warp! I think atomic symbols were created 205 years ago (not 105).

  2. Thanks Jons, math has never been my strong suit. Just fixed it.