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You may have caught the lead News of the Week story in this week's issue on novel electrode materials. Well, the catalyst work done by Daniel Nocera and Matthew Kanan is also the subject of the pilot episode of Chemical Explorers, a collaborative project between Moreno/Lyons Productions, the Chemical Heritage Foundation, and the Filmmakers Collaborative. Chemical Explorers is a series of short videos that highlight advances in modern chemistry, such as an inexpensive cobalt phosphate catalyst that can easily split water. Check out the pilot, which posted Monday, below:

Author: Rachel Pepling

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  1. David – we mentioned the Periodic Table of Videos last month, but thanks for the heads up about the dog chew video. I love watching Professor Poliakoff explain stuff.

  2. This video is a horrible example of lab safety. You’d think a video produced by MIT showcasing one of their labs would at least have researchers wearing safety goggles, if not gloves and lab coats too.

    People get lax with their safety protocols in lab because accidents are so rare, but the danger is there. All it takes is a freak accident for someone to lose an eye or worse.

  3. I agree with andre about the lab safety.
    Can they use some other techniques to charaterize their Cobalt compound like solid state analysis? There are many things they could try and use to characterize this.
    I am sure they could find out. I don’t know instead of saying “wow we don’t know what it is but it’s great”.

  4. My apols Rachel…I kind of knew you would’ve…

  5. No worries, David. We can’t catch all the interesting videos out there and appreciate the tips!


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