Going Commercial

Check out this commercial. It's for what appears to be a new variety of Starburst candy. Then read my take after the video. The first thing that popped into my head was: what kind of lab is this? All I know is that the box in this video couldn't possibly be a glovebox. The glove material is all wrong, and where's the positive pressure from the inert atmosphere? The actors are wearing some type of hazmat suit, which could mean they're in a biological lab. I've never worked with high-level biohazards, so if that's the case, I can't vouch for the scientific accuracy of this commercial. Anyway, in light of the discussion about lab safety at Rachel Pepling's recent post, I thought I'd send it out to the readers and see how this commercial fares, accuracy and lab safety-wise. Have at it, gentle readers.

Author: Carmen Drahl

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