Chemists Show Their Ink

tattoo-water2.jpg How much do you love chemistry? Enough to make an indelible declaration for all to see? It seemed worth noting a recent run of chemistry-related posts on science writer Carl Zimmer's lovely and amazing Science Tattoo Emporium, which a few days ago found a permanent home on Discover's website. Apparently Zimmer started the blog, which features science-related ink, after noticing a DNA tattoo on his friend's shoulder, causing him to wonder whether other scientists also wore their passions on their sleeve. He collected some images from photo-sharing website Flickr and put out a call to the community to send in photos of their tattoos. The result? Well, I've put up a few of the better chemistry-related tats after the jump. tattoo4.jpg tattoo3.jpg tattoo1.jpg tattoo2.jpg I asked Zimmer which is his favorite tattoo, and he said they were like his children now, and that he can't pick just one. But he did mention that the deinonychus tattoo ("Cousins to Pigeons") was "supremely beautiful." Zimmer doesn't have any ink of his own but says he's now getting pictures of tattoos others have gotten after being inspired by the blog. On a grander scale, the blog feels a bit like looking inside the secret lives of scientists. I recall being impressed when Dylan Stiles (of the now defunct but still beloved Tenderbutton blog) posted about getting his laptop etched with a molecule. But a tattoo? Now that's commitment to your craft. Seen any other unusual declarations of one's love of chemistry? Send 'em our way.

Author: Lisa Jarvis

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  1. You certainly have to trust your artist with a chiral molecule! What if you wanted to go through life with a caraway tattoo D-carvone (indicating your Rye personality) but in a fatal twist lived a half-dozen decades with spearmint, L-carvone, mocking your every movement in a perpetual left twist on your right forearm.