Improbable TV

The folks over at Improbable Research (of Annals of Improbable Research and Ig Nobels fame) have found one more way to make people laugh and then think. Improbable TV is a web-based series of short videos that highlight bits from the magazine, Ig Nobel lectures, and various other sources. Each episode (posted on YouTube) is about three minutes long and contains a mishmash of bits that may or may not be related (so far not), and that's kind of part of the fun. Have a look at the first episode: New episodes should appear about every two weeks. Next up: "Cuticles, and two reactions."

Author: Rachel Pepling

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  1. I was remiss in mentioning that the July/August issue of AIR includes a short piece entitled “Alchemy’s Shower Of Gold” by the Chemical Heritage Foundation’s Neil Gussman.