Xeroxing Fido

nevada.JPGI thought I'd share an example of some of the bizarre pitches that end up in a reporter's inbox (particularly a reporter who covers the biotech industry). Here's an excerpt from a press release I received today.

“In celebration of BioArts International successfully cloning the beloved family pet of CEO Lou Hawthorne, they have launched the first ever global online auction to clone five dogs. The auction will beheld July 5th through July 9th, with a high bidder notified on each day. First day bidding will begin at $100,000 with the initial price increasing on each successive day. BioArts International and the Best Friends Again program have also established the Golden Clone Giveaway, whereby one lucky person will receive a FREE cloning of his or her dog. By June 24th, contestants must complete an entry form, including a 500-word essay in English, explaining why they feel their dog deserves to be cloned."

I’m not sure what to say about it, other than--really? I do love dogs (and animals of all sort for that matter), but I’m fairly perplexed as to why this is the best use of today’s technology. Shouldn’t we, I don’t know, figure out some better cancer treatments first or try to come up with biomarkers for drugs in development? Also, I know people are attached to their pets (that's my Dad's new puppy Nevada, above; who couldn't love her?), but aren’t an awful lot of animals in shelters in need of homes? Anyway, if you’re interested, you can register here.

Author: Lisa Jarvis

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  1. But you know Dad would pay to have Bizkit back…

  2. I would dearly love to see that technology be used in a way that would truly benefit MANkind. But then again, I would dearly love to have Bizkit back.